Feb 12 -


The ferocious rate that Yoshitomo Nara’s work vibrates at is an undeniable chord of resounding, rock and roll honesty. It is a body of work which embodies the soft as well as hard, the violent, the loving… it embraces all the facets of culture which have influenced its creator’s fertile imagination. From his first real art show in 1984 to the present day Nara has produced a body of work unlike any other modern artist and has cemented his position as one of the foremost artists of our time. Critic Josh Kun describes Nara’s work as a “punk rock visual articulation of what it feels like not to be seen and what it feels like to be so bored you don’t even care anymore.” This body of work, as large and as voracious as it is, has long needed a worthy overview. More Here: http://hifructose.com/ index.php/the-blog/2104-yoshitomo-nara-the-complete-works-